What is Ante Natal Aqua Yoga?

Pioneered by Birthlight, Aqua yoga is the most comprehensive set of adaptations of classic yoga practices in water. Using the water's support and buoyancy for gentle exercises involving stretching, floating, gliding and balances. Using the water's natural resistance to control your own level of exercise. Using the water's calming nature for relaxation and body/baby awareness.

The main benefits are both Physical and Emotional:

  • Bonding with Baby
  • Understanding and being aware of your changing body
  • Gaining confidence in your body's amazing ability of childbirthSharing your pregnancy journey and making friends
  • Calming the mind and helping to balance emotions
  • Increasing mobility and flexibility
  • Breathing exercises to help maintain or even increase lung capacity, can help blood flow and blood pressure and aid relaxation and body awareness
  • Can help baby get into the best position for labour
  • Laughter = good oxytocin levels
  • Pelvic floor awareness exercises using breathing techniques
  • Specific exercises for various pregnancy discomforts
  • Can help balance hormones
  • Increases stamina
  • A place to share information, ideas and thoughts and concerns
  • exercises adapted for those with SPD/PGP
  • Being able to take gentle exercise right up to birth of baby, even if overdue something interesting about your business here.


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