Can you tell me a little about the teacher?

I am Michelle, a proud mum of 3. I have been teaching Aqua Yoga since 2009. I was introduced to Ante Natal Aqua Yoga during my first pregnancy. I joined the classes for the many benefits Aqua Yoga can offer, and also because I have always loved being in the water. To me, it seems like the most comfortable and natural place to be.

After having my first baby, I wanted to learn more and share the wonderful experience that Ante Natal Aqua Yoga can offer. I met my business partner Jan at Aqua Yoga and together we created Little Otters Baby swimming with the guidance Chris Johnston (retired midwife and former Aqua Yoga/Baby swimming teacher). With her encouragement and support Jan and I trained with Birthlight to pass our Ante Natal Aqua Yoga Diploma with Distinction. From then on, we started to teach together in Chelmsford. We still share our ideas and techniques. Jan runs Chelmsford based Aqua4baby and I run the Wickford based Aquacalm4mums2.

I have taught through a further 2 pregnancies and developed the classes around my own experience.

Great, when can I start?

You can start classes at any stage in pregnancy. We usually recommend having your 12 week scan first, but if you wish to join prior to that, there is no restriction, if there is space.

I can't swim, can I still attend?

Yes of course! We mainly use the shallow end of the pool, which is standing depth. We ask everyone joining if they prefer to stay in the shallows before taking and exercises in the deeper water.

What do I need to bring?

Your swim suit, a small bottle (not glass) of water, a towel or two. There are open poolside showers, so shampoo and conditioner if you wish to wash your hair afterwards. For colder nights a hat is a good idea for afterwards.

How long are the classes?

The classes are usually 45mins-1hr depending on how chatty we all feel. I never like to rush a class.

Is the pool used by anyone else whilst the class is on?

No, we privately hire the pooler the duration of the class, so no outside disturbances or spectators. We only use pools that are at the optimum temperature for this type of class too.

I am expecting twins/multiple, can I still attend?

You are more than welcome to attend, as it is very beneficial and can help you take the weight offer a little while.

I am due soon, am I too late to join?

It is never too late to join, as you can carry on even if overdue. Please contact us as soon as possible for availability.

I have a medical condition or physical disability, can I still attend?

If you have any conditions that may affect you being allowed in the pool, please check with your midwife, GP and/or consultant before attending the class. These classes are very low impact, and specifically adapted for most pregnancy related conditions including SPD/PGP, where the class can help ease discomfort.

Do you offer Post-Natal classes for me & my baby?

Once your baby has arrived, can can offer a post natal course if there is enough interest and suitable pool hire available. Please discuss this with your teacher during your ante natal class if interested. Jan is currently running post natal course on Monday evenings at 8pm in Chelmsford, please e mail her at jan@aqua4baby.co.uk

We do offer baby swimming classes with our baby and pre school swim school Little Otters. You and baby can start from about 10 weeks old, please e mail us at info@little-otters.com

My question is not covered here?

Please get in contact and we will be more than happy to answer your questions. You can contact us via our contact page.

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